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portfolio [28 Jun 2010|09:52am]

What types of things do you include in a portfolio? I have my first interview tomorrow and I have no idea what to put in it.

I dont have any student work or pictures.

So other then lesson plans what can I include?
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Art Unit for Spanish [02 Sep 2009|09:30pm]

I will be doing a unit on art with my Spanish 4 class.  Does anyone know about good websites (in Spanish and English) that I could use with the class?


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NYSAFLT survey [19 Aug 2009|12:08am]

The New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (of which I'm a member) is taking a survey related to how students who've learned a language in high school are using their language in their current field of work or study. We're hoping to use the results to develop new and better advocacy tools to promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages at the high school level, especially in New York State.

If you have a minute to take this survey or pass it on to former students and friends who studied foreign language in High School/Secondary school, it'd be greatly appreciated. People taking the survey do not have to be from New York State--the more voices and input we get, the better understanding we have of how people are using their language.

Here's the link:

Thanks for your help!

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Long term sub Spanish 3 and 4 [17 Aug 2009|02:40pm]

Today I got offered a long term sub position for Spanish 3 and 4.  The regular teacher will be out on maternity leave from the start of the school year (early Septermber) until mid November or so.

I've only taught the first year of Spanish prior to this, and I'd like to start getting a grasp on the activities and level the students should be at.  I'll hopefully be getting the teacher's edition tomorrow and meet with the regular teacher by the end of the week, but in the meantime can anyone suggest any websites or resources that would be good for these levels?


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German forms... [01 Jun 2009|07:51pm]

Does anyone have / know where I can find an 'authentic' form for a lost item ( Z.B. You've lost something and you have to fill out a form at the Police Station) and/ or a hospital form (Z.B. you've broken you're leg and you have to fill out a form to pay for it / do the E111 thing) in German?

I'm allowed to teach my y9's whatever I want for the rest of the year and I want to do something useful but not overall too complicated - the idea is to get them giving basic information for a couple of lessons.

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Looking at Textbooks [30 May 2009|03:11pm]

To the Foreign Language (especially French) teachers out there:

I'm looking at textbooks for my lower level French students, as well as for an upper level French elective course. We're hoping to create this elective as a culture course (rather than a grammar course) for students who want to continue with language after their requirement is complete but who do not want to continue to our AP prep courses.

What textbook series do you use?

Can anyone recommend a good textbook that would fit with the elective we are looking to create?

Thank you!

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End of the Year Activities [19 Apr 2009|10:43pm]

So I only have about 5 more weeks of school, and the students are reeeealllllly feeling it. 

Does anyone have anything that they do towards the end of the year for a German or Spanish classroom to help keep students from climbing the walls?  I'd like to avoid a lot of movies if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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your opinion is needed! [25 Mar 2009|07:04pm]


Hi ,


I'm writing a graduation thesis about individualism in French and English-speaking countries now and I'd really appreciate if you'd give me your opinion:

list at least three assosiations which come up to ur head when u hear the word "individualism".
Please, answer in French if you are from a French speaking country and in English if you are from an English speaking country

Thank you a lot for your help :)

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[08 Mar 2009|07:16pm]

Does anyone out there have experience working with students with Nonverbal Language Disorder/Nonverbal Language Disability?

I have a student who may have it, and I was wondering if anyone could share some strategies they have used to help a student with such a disorder feel more secure and comfortable in a classroom where there is a great deal of nonverbal communication being used (especially for discipline with other students).


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New Teacher Discussion Community [28 Feb 2009|01:02am]

Teacher's Nook: http://www.teachersnook.net

Come and help us make the community grow. It's also a way to get additional support and feedback from your colleagues. (You can NEVER have enough of that! Can you?)
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Preterite vs. Imperfect [16 Feb 2009|08:11pm]

So I'm presenting a lesson on the family and describing people by their personality and physical appearance.

If I'm describing someone who has passed away, do you say tuvo 63 años or tenía 63 años?  And would that same tense follow through with describing their personality and everything else about them?  This is for Spanish 1, but I want students that are curious to at least be able to express this in Spanish if they want to know but are too afraid to ask.
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Traveling with EF Tours [19 Jan 2009|11:33am]


 Background info and some venting....Collapse )

So now I'm left trying to figure out what to do.  The French teacher and I are looking at trying to take the same exact tour that was originally planned to France, Switzerland, and Germany and are trying to see if we can lock in that price for spring break 2010.

Does anyone have any experience or advice for traveling with EF Tours?

Thanks in advance!

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Teaching German Culture... [30 Dec 2008|08:20pm]

I'm looking for more ways to teach German culture to my high school students.  I'm looking online now for resources about how Germans celebrate Karneval and Easter.   I already play music in class each day, and from time to time we listen to a song in detail and talk about the music group and the meaning of the song.  Oktoberfest and Christmas are already over.  Does anyone have any ideas/links/resources to help with this?

Thanks in advance!
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Debates in a world language class? [02 Dec 2008|08:35pm]

Does anyone have any experience doing a deabte in a wolrd language class?  I'm considering doing this with my German 3 class as a final project for the end of the semester.

On a more general note, does anyone have any tips on how to format debte or how to ensure that it is successful?

Thanks in advance!

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pictures cards for ar verbs? [16 Nov 2008|08:46pm]

So I'm preparing for a formal observation Wednesday morning with Spanish 1.  I'll be introducing/ somewhat reviewing conjugating ar verbs with the class.

Does anyone know of any online resources that have little picture cards for the common ar verbs?  I'd like to hand out small cards with pictures to students for the observation.

Our school uses Buen Viaje, and I didn't think to look at the materials before I left school Friday to see if they provide something like this already.

Thanks in advance!

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Traveling Overseas with Students [09 Nov 2008|05:21pm]

So an opportunity came up to spend travel to Germany, France, and Switzerland during Spring Break 2010 for me and my students. We'll be traveling in conjunction with a veteran teacher that has traveled with students a lot before, but she is at another school in the district.

We're having a parent meeting coming up, and I'm trying to prepare myself for questions from parents. The most obvious will be about alcohol and safety.

Can you think of any other questions I'll have to be prepared to answer? TIA!

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Vocab [05 Nov 2008|10:17am]

I'm a first-year middle school Latin teacher.  The class in question is a 7th grade one, but the material is high-school level introductory stuff.  In any case, I'm just wondering if anyone has any ways of doing vocabulary that my kids might find more amusing than flash-cards.  Thanks for anything you can give me in advance.
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offer to grade papers in CA - how do you determine fees? [18 Oct 2008|10:26pm]

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If you are going to offer to grade papers for teachers, how do you determine what fees to charge? By page? Depending on the type of assignment? What do you think would be a reasonable rate?

thanks, i am a work at home Mom - i have two other part time jobs already - who has a B.A. in Japanese/Spanish, a M.S. in Language Education, and a teacher's license.


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Body Parts Vocab Game [08 Oct 2008|07:44pm]

My school uses Buen Viaje and we're in the Level II book, Chapter 8, in my classes, which has a lot of body parts as part of the vocab. We did a game that the kids seemed to have a lot of fun with so I thought I'd share.

Kids are divided into two teams, and on the board I draw a really basic head and body of a "monster" on each side. Then I call two kids up to the board, and a third person describes something on the monster, like "Tiene cinco narices en el pecho," for example. The kids at the board have to draw that, then ring the bell. First one gets a point for his/her team. They leave what they've drawn and subsequent rounds just add on to the monster. The kids tend to start to get pretty creative because they like to trip their friends up :)

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Verb conjugation games? [08 Oct 2008|05:53am]

I'm looking for a few more games to play with verb conjugations. We already do board races and use white boards to practice.

Any other ideas out there?
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