Annita (flautista211) wrote in fl_teachers,

Verb conjugation games?

I'm looking for a few more games to play with verb conjugations. We already do board races and use white boards to practice.

Any other ideas out there?
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I'm not sure what board races you do but one I do has the class divided into two teams. Then two kids per team come up to the board, where there is an empty verb chart drawn on each team's side. I call on another kid to give a verb in English, and what tense they want it in (or the whole game can be focused on the same tense). Then the kids at the board work together to fill in their team's chart, and ring the bell when they're done.

Another one, the kids are in groups of four or five; each group has a whiteboard. I have a sentence on the overhead that's, say, in present tense, and they have to rewrite the whole sentence, changing the verb from present to preterite (for example). First team to get it correct gets 4 points, then 3 points, 2 points, and any subsequent team who gets it correct gets 1 point. I count the top two teams at the end as winners.
I'm going to be using dice this year for verb conjugation games, since German has 6 forms. One will determine the verb, and the other the conjugation. I got big foam dice from the Oriental Trading Company.
something ive done a few times is this word jumble game.. the students are split into the rows their desks are in.. i show the students a word that is jumbled like "ugarj" the first student has to write the word correctly so they would write "jugar". the next student will go up and write the definition in english "to play" finally the last student will conjugate the verb into all forms.. since the rows usually have about 5 students in it by the time we've done a few verbs all of them will have written it at least once in spanish, once in english and once conjugating it.. another rule we have is that the next student cannot go up to the board until their teammate is sitting down.. so the board will look like this

to play
juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, jugais, juegan.

another way to play it is to have the jumble be "uegjo" and the first student writes "juego" the next writes "i play" and the last person draws a picture of it. students have more fun with that one i think cuz they love drawing things.