Hiphoppopotamus (ladulcinea) wrote in fl_teachers,

Body Parts Vocab Game

My school uses Buen Viaje and we're in the Level II book, Chapter 8, in my classes, which has a lot of body parts as part of the vocab. We did a game that the kids seemed to have a lot of fun with so I thought I'd share.

Kids are divided into two teams, and on the board I draw a really basic head and body of a "monster" on each side. Then I call two kids up to the board, and a third person describes something on the monster, like "Tiene cinco narices en el pecho," for example. The kids at the board have to draw that, then ring the bell. First one gets a point for his/her team. They leave what they've drawn and subsequent rounds just add on to the monster. The kids tend to start to get pretty creative because they like to trip their friends up :)

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