* - ich arbeite immer daran - * (ariadne13) wrote in fl_teachers,
* - ich arbeite immer daran - *

German forms...

Does anyone have / know where I can find an 'authentic' form for a lost item ( Z.B. You've lost something and you have to fill out a form at the Police Station) and/ or a hospital form (Z.B. you've broken you're leg and you have to fill out a form to pay for it / do the E111 thing) in German?

I'm allowed to teach my y9's whatever I want for the rest of the year and I want to do something useful but not overall too complicated - the idea is to get them giving basic information for a couple of lessons.

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Something like this?


Just google "Verlustmeldung Formular" and you should get several hits... every bureau has different forms for different things that were lost. This is German bureaucracy after all.

Although I have to admit... I'm almost 33 years old and I've never filled in a form like that in my life. So I'm not sure this really is something a nine year old needs to be able to do. ;)
That's fab! I'd sort of resigned myself to the registering pages of facebook.de and myspace.de but that link is genius! hurrah!

ha ha sorry it's not for 9 year olds but for year 9's - they are 14 and granted it's just something different and more 'authentic' than working consdtantly on teacher/ textbook made things

Danke schön!